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Why We Chose Our Selected Ingredients

A Quick Guide


Cocoa Butter

Skin Benefits 

  • Cocoa butter has a great source of Vitamin E!

  • Protects against sun damage

  • The phytochemicals in cocoa butter may protect against skin damage from harmful UV rays and lower your risk of skin disease.

  • Packed with antioxidants to protect against aging

  • Moisturizes and Hydrates Dry Skin

  • Relieves Those with Sensitive Skin

  • Improves Texture and Restores Moisture

Hair Benefits

  • Helps Eliminate Dandruff

  • Moisturizes Hair & Protects Scalp

  • Reduces Frizz

  • Deep Conditions

Cocoa butter is safe for use on the skin. Pure cocoa butter does not contain any ingredients that are likely to cause problems in most people.


Shea Butter

Skin Benefits

  • It boosts skin moisture

  • Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin problems

  • It could heal cuts and scrapes

  • It helps fight breakouts

  • Antioxidants may mean anti-aging properties

  • Shea butter also contains quite a few antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, along with many of the same ones found in green tea. -Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Hair Benefits 

  • Prevents breakage

  • Moisturize and soften hair

  • Reduces scalp irritation

  • Stimulation

  • Anti-frizz

  • Heat Protection

  • Protect against UV sun rays

  • Seals in moisture


Coconut Oil

Skin Benefits 

  • Hydrates

  • Smooths skin

  • Protects skin

  • It minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles

  • It calms temporary redness

  • It provides antioxidants

  • It absorbs easily

  • It’s a great base for exfoliants

  • It soothes irritated skin

Hair Benefits

  • Moisturizes

  • Restores damaged hair

  • Dry scalp, dandruff 

  • Shine

  • Frizz

  • Stimulates hair growth

  • Can help repair split ends

  • It strengthens the cuticle

Mango Butter 


Skin Benefits

  • Reduces wrinkles & fine lines

  • Prevent scars & skin imperfections 

  • Battle acne

  • Calm itching bug bites

  • Soothe conditions like eczema and psoriasis 



Hair Benefits

  • Damage from ultraviolet rays of the sun

  • Prevents all sorts of hair damage

  • Dry hair and frizziness

  • Dandruff

  • Promotes hair growth and restores hair health

Gourmet Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Skin Benefits

  • Rich in vitamins A, D, K, & E

  • It moisturizes and hydrates your skin 

  • Reduces Inflammation 

  • Can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Helps soothe dry or irritated skin  

  • It has antioxidant properties

  • Make up remover 



Hair Benefits

  • Soothes your scalp

  • Strengthen your hair follicle

  • Strengthen your scalp

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